Linda Macdonald

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Silver bracelets, silver rings and silver earrings by Linda Macdonald Jewellery.

Floral patterns - an eternal favourite for fashion designers - are very much 'in' for Autumn/Winter 2010!  So Linda's award winning "Wild Flower" collection following a flower inspired theme, is a must have.

Linda Macdonald Jewellery - inspired by nature.

There's something magical about these collections of silver and gold jewellery from Linda Macdonald. Perhaps it's the influence of nature, that is central to their design that allows them to complement each other so effortlessly.  Linda and her team of skilled jewellers have created the range in her workshop by the banks of Loch Lomond, where flowers, birds and hearts are recurring details in the jewellery designs.  Just look closely and you'll be delighted by the details hiding in each piece - a tiny daisy, a bumble bee or a perfectly formed heart.